The primary criterion for admission into our program is that our program can benefit the child. Typically that means that the child has a significant enough hearing loss and language delay to need the kind of special education program we offer and demonstrates a potential for learning to talk.

The first step for admission to our program is to contact Betsy Moog Brooks, Executive Director. She will talk with parents about their child and will explain what our program has to offer. As part of the admission process, parents will be asked to send information regarding their child's program and spoken language skills. If the child is over age three, an evaluation will be scheduled along with a tour of the school. The more information we have about the child, the better we will be able to advise parents regarding what our program has to offer. Parents may contact Betsy by calling (314) 692-7172 or by email 


Parents with children under age three are eligible for Early Intervention through Missouri First Steps or Illinois Child and Family Connections, state programs that provide financial support for children from birth to age three. Financial aid is available. 

Financial Aid

Financial aid is based on need and families who need support are encouraged to complete a financial aid application. We also work with families to identify additional sources to help provide financial support.