Our Center was founded in 1996 by a group of innovative, experienced teachers and dedicated and determined parents with high expectations. Many of our families have moved to St. Louis so their children could attend the Moog Center for Deaf Education.

Our school is now 20 years old and we have 169 alumni. 

In addition to the programs we provide to families and children from birth to early elementary years, we also have had a commitment to teaching others to implement our successful curriculum. Moog Certified Programs in Albuquerque, Buffalo, Chicago, Cincinnati, and Minneapolis as well as in Buenos Aires, Argentina are providing children and families in their areas with the opportunity to learn to talk. We help teachers, speech language pathologists and audiologists improve their skills through workshops at Moog Center, in-service training and coaching on-site at their schools and presentations at national and international conferences. Throughout our history our focus has been on excellence in teaching and high standards of achievement.

Jean Sachar Moog 
Founding Director