Where Deaf Children Talk

The Moog Center for Deaf Education is unique in its approach to teaching deaf children to talk. Our highly individualized instruction is tailored to each child's present level of achievement and learning style. Our innovative schedule allows children to be grouped according to their abilities in each subject area, including speech, language, auditory skills and academics. Our teachers gear instruction to be appropriate for maximum challenge and maximum success. This is not only highly motivating for our children but results in their having high self esteem.

Our children learn how to talk and understand when others talk to them. They also learn the same subjects as hearing children in preschool and early elementary school. Our goal is to prepare our children to enter the mainstream whenever they have acquired the skills necessary for competing successfully with their hearing age mates. This typically occurs by third grade or earlier. The Moog Center serves as a model for other Moog Schools, established by parents and professionals with similar high expectations, in cities where there previously had been no oral school.

Eighty-four percent of our alumni, who are eligible, have elected to go to college and currently attend colleges such as University of Arizona, Boston College, NTID and Purdue.