Early Elementary Program

Our children not only learn to talk, but they also learn all the other subjects that are taught in preschool and early elementary grades so they can successfully mainstream into schools with hearing children. Our early elementary program, kindergarten through 2nd grade, includes instruction in reading, math, science, social studies and the use of computers, in addition to programs in art, music and physical education. A major focus is on learning to read because reading provides the foundation for all other learning.

Learning is fun when you are successful. Our teacher-pupil ratio of about one to three and our small learning groups make it possible for our teachers to provide each child with individualized instruction, capitalizing on strengths and adapting to each child's needs, abilities and learning style. Our teachers have the skills to gear the level of work to be challenging, while at the same time providing the support necessary to ensure success for each child. Being successful is not only highly motivating for our children but results in increased self esteem. Learning to talk is hard work for children with hearing loss, but our teachers make sure it is also fun.