One of the goals at the Moog Center is to prepare our children with hearing loss to participate fully with normal hearing children in mainstream educational placements.  In preparation for entering the mainstream, instruction in social skills are offered to the children at the Moog Center.  These classes focus on self-advocacy and peer communication in order to help our children to transition successfully we also provide parent informational meetings to our families, as well as staff and peer in-services for the receiving school.

The staff in-service is a presentation for the staff of the receiving school, focusing on hearing loss, and its impact on communication and learning.  Information also is provided related to the use and care of the child's hearing aid(s), cochlear implant(s), and/or FM/DM system, as well as recommendations for necessary support services and accommodations.

The peer in-service is a presentation for the children in the child's classroom at the receiving school.  The purpose of this in-service is to help the children gain an understanding of what it is like to have a hearing loss and to provide tips on how to communicate with the student who has hearing loss in their class.  Hands-on activities make this in-service fun and easy for the children to understand.

Our four- and five-year old graduates can hardly wait to leave us and move on to the bigger world.  Dashing out the door are Nolan, Lauren and Brady who are going to preschool, and Mya, who is going to kindergarten. Entering the mainstream is our goal, and we know these children will be successful because they all scored well within the average range on vocabulary and language tests in comparison to their hearing peers.