Preschool Program

At age three, children enter our full-time Preschool Program. For half of the day, the children are engaged in highly focused activities designed to accelerate their learning of spoken language - including listening skills, speech, vocabulary, and development of connected language. For these activities, the children are taught in small groups and receive individualized instruction to meet each child's needs. For the other half of the day, children are in a preschool classroom. They engage in activities typical of regular preschool and early elementary school.

At the Moog School, we believe that children with hearing loss learn to talk by talking. Our daily schedule, with small homogeneous groupings and a focus on spoken language development, ensures that our children have lots of opportunity to practice talking. And, the more they practice, the better they learn.

The Moog Center offers distance learning for preschoolers who are not able to attend the center-based program.