Carol Knighton, M.S., CED


MS, Speech and Hearing, Washington University


Missouri Deaf and Hearing Impaired K-12


Carol graduated from the Washington University program in Deaf Education in 1996 and has been working in the field of oral deaf education for over 15 years at a variety of programs.  She brings a wealth of experience to her position as a classroom teacher in our Primary Department.  Carol taught children ages 3-8 while at PEI in Albuquerque and was the Coordinator for the Primary Department at Ohio Valley Voices in Cincinnati for three years.  She taught children ages 4-7 at Desert Voices in Phoenix and has worked in the public schools in Phoenix as an itinerant teacher for children with hearing loss in grades K-8.  Carol's warmth and sense of humor, added to her years of experience, make it a true fortune that she is a part of the Moog Center.