The Moog Center for Deaf Education is pleased to announce the introduction of iTalkAtMoog, a program designed to help parents and professionals teach children with hearing loss and/or language delays to talk.  iTalkAtMoog's first endeavor will introduce apps for the iPad and iPhone.  The first products will be vocabulary games containing the First 100 Words and the Next 125 Words used at the Moog Center, which are included in the book, My Baby and Me:  A Book about Teaching Your Child to Talk.

The First 100 Words

The First 100 Words includes functional vocabulary words that occur throughout a young child's daily routine such as food, clothing, body parts, animals, colors, numbers and actions. This app allows parents, teachers and therapists to introduce and practice these words, providing the repetition necessary to learn new vocabulary allowing the child to develop the ability to express his/her wants and needs. 



iTalkAtMoog: The First 100 Words - The Moog Center for Deaf Education


The Next 125 Words

As a continuation of the First 100 Words, these words consist not only of nouns and verbs but also include adjectives and prepositions.  These additional words will help children express their thoughts and ideas as their vocabulary and language continues to develop.

These apps were developed by speech language pathologists and deaf educators at the Moog Center.  Targeting vocabulary as described above has proven to be successful in improving the number of words understood and used by children with hearing loss. These apps are appropriate for any children who have vocabulary and/or language delays or any young children who are just learning to talk.