Research Opportunities

Below are current research projects for which you and/or your child may qualify.  To access more information about a project, please click on “Read More”.  Should you be interested in participating or have questions about a specific research project, please contact the individual listed on the recruitment letter.  The Moog Center is not conducting these research projects, but shares information regarding research that may result in increased knowledge and improved services for children with hearing loss. 


Opportunity to provide information about your experience participating in IEP meetings available. Kelli Sanderson, a doctoral student studying special education at Vanderbilt University is conducting research on this topic.


Research Opportunity for 3 to 5 Year Old

Vanderbilt University is conducting a project examining the potential benefits of FM use in the homes of families with children with hearing aids and/or cochlear implants.  The researchers are looking for highly committed families with children who have hearing loss aged between 3 and 5 years who are willing to participate in this study during two consecutive weekends.  During both weekends, they will be audio-recorded with LENA language recorders.  During one weekend the child will use an FM system as well.  Families will be required to stay at home during both weekends for at least 8 hours a day and they will be compensated for their participation.

To indicate interest or for more information about this study, please contact Carlos Benitez at carlos.r.benitez@vanderbilt.edu

Cognitive Effects of Hearing Loss on Children Ages 6 to 7 Years Old


The Early Language Environment and Effect of Parental Counseling on Adult Language Exposure of Children with Unilateral and Mild Bilateral Hearing Loss 

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A student at Washington University is conducting a study of parents of children with hearing loss. She is asking parents to complete a survey that will examine anxiety and depression in parents of children ages 0-12. Select the read more link below to view the recruitment poster for additional information.

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Are you the parent or primary caregiver of a child with hearing loss who’s younger than 12 years old? Researchers from the University of Connecticut would love to talk with you! We’re trying to do a better job of describing the language input that’s available to deaf and hard of hearing children in their earliest years. We know that every child is unique, and we want to hear about your child’s story. If you’re interested, email leptstudy@gmail.com to see if you qualify.

The study consists of a 1-hour interview (over the phone or via online video chat), conducted in either English or American Sign Language (ASL). You will need to have internet access during the interview. Participants will receive a $10 gift card to Target.

The Moog Center for Deaf Education is in no way affiliated with the research. The research opportunity is being posted for informational purposes only.

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Research Opportunity with Vanderbilt University

Listening is Exhausting! Vanderbilt Listening Fatigue Questionnaire The Listening and Learning Lab at Vanderbilt University is looking for parents, children, and school professionals to complete a questionnaire about listening in different situations and whether the child gets fatigued or tired. It is expected to take adults approximately 15 minutes to complete the questions, children may take up to 30 minutes.

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If you are interested in collaborating with the Moog Center on a research project or recruiting subjects from the Moog Center please complete the application below.

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