The Earlier They Get Started, The Faster They Learn To Talk: An Early Intervention Workshop

This workshop will focus on techniques for helping parents work with their own children and strategies for professionals working with very young children to develop spoken language skills.  Instruction will include live demonstrations, videos and hands-on opportunities.  Seating is limited.  CEUs available.

For more information contact Betsy Brooks at (314) 692-7172 or bbrooks@moogcenter.org.

Fee:  $350

Early Intervention Registration Form 

 (CEUs Pending)


Comments From Workshop Participants 

“The hands-on activities were great experiences.” 

“Overall, I learned a lot of new information that I will share with others.”
“Thank you for a great workshop. You presented extremely helpful information and were so willing to answer questions. You have a first class organization!”
“I thought this was a great workshop, VERY practical!”
“You’ve given me so many great ideas and techniques that cannot only be used with children with hearing loss, but with all children with language impairments.” 
“Presenters were all very knowledgeable, very approachable and willing to answer questions.”
“This is, by far, the best workshop I have ever been to on this topic!”
“Excellent course, presentation, location, food, etc. I would highly recommend this course to others.”