The Moog Center for Deaf Education is an independent, not-for-profit program that provides educational services to children who are deaf or hard of hearing birth to early elementary years and their families. Our goal at the Moog Center is to make it possible for children who are deaf or hard of hearing learn to talk well enough to compete academically and socially with their hearing peers. When children leave the Moog Center, they are prepared to transition to their local schools and enjoy their education alongside their hearing classmates. We lay the groundwork for children to achieve successful and fulfilling lives.  At the Moog Center for Deaf Education we teach deaf children to talk. And we teach others how to do it, too.

Who We Are...

What we do...

The Moog Center consists of the following programs:

  • The Family School
  • The Moog School
  • Teleschool
  • Audiology
  • Professional Consulting
  • Educational Consulting
At the Moog Center we:

  • create curricula
  • present nationally and internationally
  • have top-notch audiology
  • are outcomes based
  • provide results

The Moog Center has a strong commitment to early intervention and working in partnership with families.  The focus of the curriculum is accelerating the development of spoken language so the children can develop sufficient language skills to be full participants in the general education setting.  Our focused, consistent instruction, combined with our high expectations and high standards, result in high achievement for our students.

Now Hear This...

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  •  App of the Month
  •  Language Calendar
  •  Monthly Activity
  •  Evidence of Success
  •  Weather
  •  School Calendars

Upcoming Workshop:

Moog Center Biennial Conference - June 21-22, 2019 -
"Serving Children Who Are Deaf or Hard of Hearing: What You Need to Know"

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Weather in St. Louis

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Moog School Calendar

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