One of the goals at the Moog Center is to prepare our children who are deaf or hard of hearing to participate fully with their peers, who have normal hearing, in the general education environment.  In preparation for the general education setting, instruction in social skills is offered to the children at the Moog Center.  These classes focus on self-advocacy and peer communication to help our children transition successfully.  We also provide parent informational meetings to address topics related to IEP development, transition, and success in the general education classroom.  The Moog Center collaborates with many school districts to ensure our children transition smoothly into their home schools.  In addition, we provide support to staff and peer in-services for the receiving school.

The staff in-service is a presentation for the staff of the receiving school, focusing on hearing loss, and its impact on communication and learning.  Information also is provided related to the use and care of the child’s hearing aid(s), cochlear implant(s), and/or remote microphone system(s), as well as recommendations for necessary support services and accommodations.

The peer in-service is a presentation for the children in the child’s classroom at the receiving school.  The purpose of this in-service is to help the children gain an understanding of what it is like to have a hearing loss and to provide tips on how to communicate with the student who has hearing loss in their class.  Hands-on activities make this in-service fun and easy for the children to understand.

The Moog Center provides consulting and support to school districts in Missouri, the Midwest, and around the country both in-person and via distance technology. This support includes observing children, mentoring, and coaching teachers working with children with hearing loss, providing support in the development of weekly lesson plans, and attending IEP meetings.