The Moog Center for Deaf Education is pleased to announce that its annual Parent Workshop will be presented this year via the Moog Center Teleschool Program. The Moog Center will use Zoom Meetings to provide sessions about hearing and hearing loss and helping one’s child with hearing loss learn to talk. Although an abbreviated version of the onsite workshop, this four-day event will provide opportunities for families to meet other families and to learn from leaders in the field of Listening and Spoken Language.

The workshop will be held Tuesday, June 16-Friday, June 19. Each day will include a morning session (60-90 minutes) and an afternoon session (60-90 minutes). Additionally, a 30-minute Parent Support/Coaching session with your child will be provided daily.

Participants will be limited to ensure plenty of opportunities to ask questions, engage in discussion, and to address each family’s individual needs.

Enrollment is limited, so make your reservations early. This workshop is based on the very popular book, “My Baby and Me:  A Book About Teaching Your Child to Talk.”  More information about this book can be found at the Bookstore at www.moogcenter.org.

For more information please contact Betsy Moog Brooks at (314) 692-7172 or bbrooks@moogcenter.org.

Fee:  $50

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