The Moog Center for Deaf Education will be hosting a Parent Education Workshop from June 16-20, 2020.  This workshop is for parents and their children who are deaf or hard of hearing.  Each day, the workshop session will meet from 9-3.  The adults will have classes in our professional education room and the children will meet in classes, divided by age and language ability.  We will have a 1:1 ratio of adult to child and each child will receive daily individual instruction by a staff member of the Moog Center.  Everyone will meet together for lunch, provided by the Moog Center.  Afternoons allow time for naps and, weather permitting, the children will enjoy water play.  Every family that attends the workshop also has the opportunity to have an individual meeting with a staff member about a topic or concern of their choice.  Each day is packed full of activities for the children and information for the parents.  Enrollment is limited, so make your reservations early. This workshop is based on the very popular book, “My Baby and Me:  A Book About Teaching Your Child to Talk.”  More information about this book can be found at the Bookstore at

For more information please contact Betsy Moog Brooks at (314) 692-7172 or

Fee:  $250

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