Optimal access to sound is necessary to accelerate progress in speech, language, auditory skills, and academic development in children. Consequently, The Moog Center has three pediatric audiologists and one audiology assistant, dedicated to ensuring that infants and children in our program hear to the best of their ability, at all times. This team is on staff to serve the families and children in our Family School, Preschool, and Primary School programs, as well as alumni who continue to receive services from the Moog Center. As technology is ever-changing, our audiologists receive continuous training and are skilled at programming and fitting the latest hearing aids, cochlear implants, and FM/DM systems on very young children, sometimes as young as a few weeks. Being on-site, they are able to immediately address concerns, provide loaner equipment, and carry out audiology appointments with the least disruption to a child’s educational program.

Our audiologists’ experience and talent in working with children from birth to age 21 is sought by universities training audiology and deaf education students. Each earned a Doctorate of Audiology, supervises and lectures graduate students, presents at regional and national conferences, and mentors colleagues. They also conduct and participate in research related to various topics in the field of audiology.