The Moog Center for Deaf Education serves children who are deaf or hard of hearing birth to early elementary years.  The goal of the Moog Center is to provide children who are deaf or hard of hearing a sufficient foundation in spoken language skills to compete academically and socially with their hearing age-mates and to become independent participants of society.  The Moog Center Admissions and Evaluation team will carefully consider if the Moog Center is the appropriate placement for your child and family.

To learn more about the Moog Center for Deaf Education and to determine whether your child is a candidate, please contact Betsy Moog Brooks, Executive Director, at (314) 692-7172 or via email


Parents with children under age three are eligible for Early Intervention through Missouri First Steps or Illinois Child and Family Connections, state programs that provide financial support for children from birth to age three. Financial aid is available.

Financial Aid

Financial aid is based on need and families who need support are encouraged to complete a financial aid application. We also work with families to identify additional sources to help provide financial support.