Our Alumni Give Back

Several of our alumni, as high school and college students choose to give back to the Moog Center.  They work in the school as teacher aides and are great role models for the younger students.  They also participate as panelists for our Parent Workshop, and our Biennial Conference.

Our alumni represent one measure of the success of the Moog Center.

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Our alumni have attended a wide variety of colleges and universities.

Several of our alumni have continued their education by attending graduate school.  Fields studied in graduate school include architecture, education, art, journalism, accounting, and engineering.

Patrick’s family relocated to St. Louis so he could attend the Moog Center when he was 23 months old.  He received services for three years before attending Salem Methodist Preschool.   He is profoundly deaf and uses two cochlear implants.

Watch the video of 4 1/2 year old Patrick to hear him describe his favorite Star Wars characters.