The Moog Center is pleased to present a series of virtual learning sessions for professionals and parents throughout
the 2022-2023 school year at 7:00 p.m. CT.
This series of workshops is a great opportunity for professionals, parents, family members, and general community
members to learn about a variety of topics related to supporting children who are deaf or hard of hearing.

Basic Troubleshooting: What to consider when you aren’t sure what to consider
September 20, 2022 (Tuesday)
Presented by Amy L. Birath

For children who are deaf or hard of hearing, ensuring that their hearing devices are functioning properly is of utmost importance.  Over time, as with any other electronic equipment, it is likely that problems will arise.  

This session will address the most common issues reported by families of and professionals working with children who are deaf or hard of hearing. Basic troubleshooting steps for determining the problem and attempting to resolve it as quickly as possible will also be discussed.

Barriers to Student Progress: Factors to consider when spoken language is the goal
November 2, 2022 (Wednesday)
Presented by Betsy Moog Brooks, Liz Fales, and Judy Schlesinger

Students who are deaf or hard of hearing learn to use listening and spoken language at different rates. 

This session will address potential barriers to student progress. Considerations for individual learning needs as well as the timing of services, the quality of services, and the quantity of services will be discussed. Students who present with additional complicating factors will be included in this presentation, as well as when it may be appropriate to evaluate the benefit of including visual communication to support a student’s learning.

Math: Supporting the development of math skills through vocabulary and language
January 9, 2023 (Monday)
Presented by Betsy Moog Brooks

Students who are deaf or hard of hearing often struggle with the vocabulary and language of math.  

This session will provide professionals, parents, and other caregivers with information about the importance of building math-specific vocabulary to support overall mathematic skills for these students. Strategies for supporting math-specific vocabulary and language in school or at home will be shared. Targeted for students preschool through elementary years.

Pragmatics: The importance of pragmatic skills and how to facilitate development throughout the day
April 20, 2023 (Thursday)
Presented by Liz Fales and Mandi Rudge

Children who are deaf or hard of hearing often lack the language and communication skills necessary to be appropriate conversational partners.  

This session will provide professionals, parents, and other caregivers, with an understanding of why pragmatic skills are a challenge for these children. Strategies for supporting pragmatic skill development in school or at home will be shared. Targeted for children preschool through elementary years.

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Comments From Participants

Supporting the Development of Reading Skills

“Wonderful presentation! Such valuable information and so well explained for families and professionals! Looking forward to the next one.”

“Great material and content provided in well thought out and succinct ways. Good detail of background info and barriers to access as well as discussion of specific techniques and activities to help support and foster improvement in reading skills of student who are DHH.”

“I enjoyed the anecdotes from personal experiences shared by the hosts of the presentation.  The resources shared were also helpful.”

“I loved how informative this was for an hour session!”