This app was designed to be used with children who are deaf or hard of hearing for the development of receptive and expressive vocabulary; however, it can be used with other children as well. In addition, even though the app was created in English, because the picture label/name does not appear when the vocabulary pictures are displayed for the child, it can be used for teaching vocabulary in any language. The Moog Center Vocabulary app is intended to be used with adult (teacher, therapist, parent, etc.) guidance/instruction, and not as an app for independent play. A limited number of words are available free, and others can be acquired via in-app purchase. Instructions for use can be found on the app Home Screen in the kebab/three-dots menu under Info.

There are more than 600 high-quality colored photographs to utilize for teaching toddler, preschool, and early elementary vocabulary words.  These pictures include those that through research and experience the Moog Center has identified as the First 100, the Next 150, and the Following 300 words.  In addition, theme-based vocabulary also are included. For the theme-based vocabulary, as an extension of this app, the Moog Center has developed Thematic Language Units for guidance in providing repeated, meaningful exposure to the vocabulary words in a variety of fun, engaging activities. Each unit contains a vocabulary list, a book list, and two or more fun, engaging activities which were handpicked by the teachers and therapists at the Moog Center.  The Thematic Language Units can be found on the Moog Center’s website:

Moog Center Vocabulary App (iPad Only)