BS, Communication Disorders, Bridgewater State College
BA, Early Childhood Education, Bridgewater State College
MS, Speech and Hearing, Washington University


Missouri Deaf and Hearing Impaired K-12
Council on Education of the Deaf
Listening and Spoken Language Specialist Cert. AVEd


Carol graduated from the Washington University program in Deaf Education in 1996 and has been working in the field of oral deaf education for over 20 years at a variety of programs.  She brings a wealth of experience to her position as a classroom teacher in our Preschool Department.  Carol taught children ages 3-8 while at PEI in Albuquerque and was the Coordinator for the Primary Department at Ohio Valley Voices in Cincinnati for three years.  She taught children ages 4-7 at Desert Voices in Phoenix and has worked in the public schools in Phoenix as an itinerant teacher for children with hearing loss in grades K-8.  Carol’s warmth and sense of humor, added to her years of experience, make it a true fortune that she is a part of the Moog Center.