BA, Deaf Education, Fontbonne University
MS, Learning Disabilities, University of Kansas


Missouri Deaf and Hearing Impaired K-12
Missouri Elementary Education 1-8
Missouri Behavioral Disorder K-12
Missouri Learning Disabled K-12
Council on Education of the Deaf
Missouri Early Intervention Credentialed Provider
Illinois Early Intervention Credentialed Provider
Listening and Spoken Language Specialist Cert. AVEd


Rhonda is a teacher in the Family School at the Moog Center where she works with families, providing parent support and direct child service to infants and toddlers.  She has more than 25 years of experience teaching children  with hearing loss to talk. Rhonda mentors student teachers from a variety of university programs, and coaches teachers through our Early Intervention workshop. Her skills and her breadth of knowledge enhance her capacity to help children reach their potential.  Rhonda participates in the Moog Center for Deaf Education Teleschool program and provides services to families via the internet.