BA, Deaf Education, Fontbonne University
MA, Early Intervention in Deaf Education, Fontbonne University


Missouri Deaf and Hearing Impaired K-12
Missouri Early Childhood Special Education B-3
Missouri Elementary Education 1-6
Council on Education of the Deaf
Listening and Spoken Language Specialist Cert. AVEd


Liz is the Coordinator of the Preschool Department at the Moog Center for Deaf Education. She has been in the field of deaf education for more than fifteen years.  She received her master’s degree in Early Intervention in Deaf Education from Fontbonne University and is certified in Deaf Education, Elementary Education, and Early Childhood Education. Liz has been a mentor teacher and has supervised numerous student teachers. In addition, Liz provides tremendous support to families of children with hearing loss. She coaches families to enhance communication with their children and works closely with families to help them develop the skills needed to advocate for their child. Liz has presented at workshops at the Moog Center and at international conventions.

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